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Took on my case last minute, helped save my sanity.

I was struck in a crosswalk by a hit and run driver and my job (that I LOVE) is very physical. The accident itself, plus the recovery were both overwhelming as it was. The legal process was terrifying and I was not equipped. What made it even harder was that the lawyer I had been working with had to move on half way through the process, leaving me terrified of building a relationship with a new lawyer, someone I had to trust with my everything through a really traumatic time. Finn pulled through, answered my questions simply (which was all I could handle at the time), dealt with my fears, and got me an even more fair settlement than I thought I would ever get. He dug where others hadn’t thought to and fought hard to get me the settlement I deserved without any added stress for me. He did so after taking on a detailed case that he had to learn everything about and study very quickly, understand it, and without any added stress for his new client. He succeeded and I’m truly appreciative. I highly recommend Finn based off of my personal experience as his client.

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